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Ode 2.0 rises from the ashes

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

The story behind the menu with Owner and Executive Chef Lucas Parkinson

On August 12th 2018 people of Wanaka and throughout the country were shocked to hear the news that top local restaurant Ode had been engulfed in a severely damaging fire overnight.

Owner and Executive Chef Lucas Parkinson posted an emotional video on social media announcing that they would be closing their doors for the foreseeable future, never imagining just how long that closure would be.

349 days later, the doors of Ode 2.0 are once again open and the first four dishes on their new menu are a testament to Ode's incredible journey to starting again.

Film-maker Joe, recently met with Lucas to hear the story ‘behind the menu’ and just what the last 12 months have been like for him and the Ode Wanaka team.

From Joe:

What started out as an afternoon chatting with Lucas about his new menu with the aim of creating a 1-2min highlight piece, turned into a mini-documentary; the journey and Lucas' passionate story-telling was just too inspiring to be cut short. This is a great example of letting the edit flow and allowing the story itself dictate the end result.

For this shoot we also enjoyed using contrasting background lighting, of blue and orange, to add depth to both the interview and the food preparation shots and to give an overall colour tone to the film. This creative lighting is what gives the piece its moodiness, and by keeping the colouring minimal helps to not distract the viewer from the story itself, which aligned perfectly with the emotion of this journey.

I am stoked with the end result of this piece and was honoured to be able to hear first hand about the struggles and celebrations that the Ode team have been through over the past year, and thank Chef Lucas for having us in to help him share this incredible story.

We look forward to the ongoing success of Ode 2.0's rise from the ashes. Cheers!


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