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10 x10 minute Youth TV Series 

"I’ve learned a lot through skateboarding. It taught me a lot about discipline, perseverance, getting over fears and learning to fail before you can succeed".

- Steve Caballero

"Skate Legends" is a youth TV series that explores the world of skateboarding through the eyes of three iconic skateboarders: Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, and Eddie Elguera. The series takes place in New Zealand, a country known for its stunning landscapes and thriving skateboarding scene.

Steve, Christian, and Eddie share their own personal stories of how they got started in skateboarding, the challenges they faced along the way, and the lessons they learned.

As the series unfolds, viewers get a glimpse into the vibrant skateboarding culture in New Zealand. The skaters meet up with local skateboarders and explore some of the country's most iconic skate spots, from bustling city streets to remote parks. Along the way, they share their knowledge and expertise with the next generation of skaters, offering tips and tricks on how to improve their skills.

The series also delves into the history of skateboarding, exploring its origins and evolution over the years in a fun and engaging way. Steve, Christian, and Eddie share stories from their own skateboarding careers and provide insight into the development of the sport.

"Skate Legends" is an inspiring and educational series that celebrates the art and culture of skateboarding. With its focus on youth culture and skateboarding, the show will appeal to fans of the sport as well as anyone interested in learning more about the history and evolution of skateboarding.




Target platform/channel: HEIHEI (TVNZ on demand)

Target audience: Intermediate (10-12yrs), Early College (13-14yrs) 

Length: Approx. 10x 10mins episodes / Limited Series 


Cameras: RED Digital Cinema

Resolution: Capture in 6K, delivery in 1920x1080

Format: Capture in REDCODE RAW, delivery in MPEG4 (MP4)

comparable content:

episode format:

  • Intro – “what's on this episode”

  • Opening Sting – music and title 

  • Body 

  • Wrap up/summary 

  • Outro – “what’s on next episode”

  • Closing Sting – music and title 

  • Credits 

series layout:

to be finalised during development

Episode One:

Skate Legends arriving at AKL airport 

Pōwhiri / welcome / meeting fans

Overview of the tour plans – animation? And highlights 

Intro interview with Christian, Eddie, Steve – why the are excited to be here etc. 

Off for a skate in AKL (pending tour plans) – meeting some young skaters 

“Hitting the road to Hamilton” – (pretending to hitch hike? Getting picked up by someone NZ famous??)

Episode Two:

Festival One coverage 

Highlights, skating, trick comp, public speaking 

Interview with C, E, S – about public speaking and why they love it?

“Hitting the road up North” 

Episode Three: 

Mangawhai Bowl Jam coverage 

Highlights, prize giving, 

Interview with C, E, S  - history of Bowl skating and their involvement (where applicable) 

Preparing for a comp – how they used to get ready/current competitors how they prep/nerves etc. 

Episode Four:

Kerikeri Vert comp coverage 

Highlights, prize giving, 

Interview with C, E, S  - history of Vert skating and their involvement (where applicable) 

General skateboarding history 

Episode Five:

Hanging in Northland 

School visit?? Youth Group?? Skate Club?? 

Street skate 

Interview with C, E, S  - history of street skating and their involvement (where applicable) 

Northland adventures – surfing, R. Tucker Thompson sailing?

Episode Six:

“Hitting the road back to Auckland” 

Auckland events 

PlayStation battle – kids and SENZ 

Busting some skateboarding myths 

Episode Seven: 

More in Auckland (or another spot along the way) 

Tricks 101 with C, E + S – “how to” with animations 

Te Reo lessons – key skateboarding words in Te Reo 

One on one training sessions

Episode Eight: 

Skating as an Olympic sport 

(Meeting some NZ Olympians / All blacks??) 

Interviews with C, E, S about competing and taking it to the next level 

Interview with NZ Olympic committee / High Sport NZ etc

Advice for kids looking to go pro 

“Hitting the Road south” 

Episode Nine:

Arriving in Wanaka 

Wanaka Skating event 

Out on the lake / kiwi BBQ / punk gig 

Wanaka activities 

Episode Ten:

Saying goodbye 

Highlights of the tour 

Interview recaps 

Advice to youth wanting to get into skating / sports 

Leaving events 

Project currently in development. 

For more information, please contact:


Erin Murdie - Producer

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