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How-to get the most out of your video content.

The Film Crew + REV Marketing

No other marketing medium can communicate as quickly and effectively as video. However, it is really what you do with it that counts. Tracey from Rev Marketing shares with us her top tips on some basics on how-to get the most out of your new video content:

01 Highlight your new video in a blog post

Create a blog post highlighting your new video. Everyone loves seeing how things were created and this is a great way to share some behind the scenes fun that was had while creating your video. Your blog post can then be shared through various social channels to bring people back to your website (we do this often, check out an example here).

02 Share your video on social media

Share your new video on all of your social media channels. Create a video campaign/contest on Facebook this is a great way to increase engagement with your video and brand quickly! Just make sure you comply with Facebook’s competition rules (the team at Short Stack talk more about these here).

Pin your video to the top of your Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin feeds to ensure that your brand new content doesn’t get lost. By pinning your video to the top of your feed you will encourage great and continued engagement.

Boost your video on Facebook through a targeted, paid ad campaign. Facebook’s boosting tool is a great way to increase your reach. Boosting your video to your target market using the option to customise your audience by age, location and interests allows you to highlight your content to people that will be most interested in learning more about your brand.

03 Optimise your video

Customise the thumbnail that is shown when your video shows up. People connect to people, so a great way to encourage everyone to watch your content is to use an image of a person smiling and making direct eye contact in your video thumbnail.

Also, add a share button to your video. This will allow people to share and embed the video on their own social media pages, blogs and websites. Every share will increase your reach and views exponentially, in turn increasing your brands visibility and your video’s effectiveness in marketing your business.

04 Share with your existing client base

Reach out to your existing client base through your mailing lists and share your video with people who are already excited about your brand. You could even add an incentive for people to share your video by offering a discount on your product or service for those who share your video with friends.

05 Share your video with wider communities

Share your video with online communities that highlight and discuss products and/or services similar to those that you offer. Actively engage with the communities that you choose to interact with and take the time to answer questions and offer advice, this will continue to increase engagement with your video and encourage people to investigate your product or service further.

The Film Crew can now offer Digital Marketing Support services - so get in touch and we will work with you on a strategic game plan for getting more out of your video content!

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