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"How to swirl your wine without looking like an A-Hole" and other great video ideas!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Video Marketing tips: for the Wine Industry

We here at The Film Crew love wine. And we love working with the creative and passionate people in the wine industry. So we thought we'd share with you some of our favourite video marketing pieces that we've seen recently and some key tips that we have learnt along the way for creating great video content for winemakers!


01 Jordan Winery in Healdsburg, California used this super fun parody video to bring some personality to their brand and create marketing exposure. Which they successfully achieved, with this video reaching national TV airtime in the States and coverage in international wine industry magazines.

Jordan Winery are known for their super creative video marketing - check them out on youtube to see more!

We love the idea of this video for a possible recruitment video to show a fun and unique workplace culture!

02 Rugged, raw and moody from Furmint Winery "celebrating the fruits of hard work". We love how this video shows that it's not all sunshine and rainbows in the wine world. This video won Furmint many marketing awards and captured the attention of video and wine marketers around the globe.


03 Viewers love a good how-to, so how about something completely different, like this video by Indulgence on "How to swirl your wine without looking like an A-Hole".

Show your authority on a key subject, but also have a bit of fun with your customers to keep them coming back for more!


When it comes time to create your content, here are a few suggestions we recommend you consider:

1. Don't over drone

Drone shots are stunning, we know. We love them too. But don’t let too many drone shots get in the way of telling your story (unless you are making a drone-only video of course!). Drone footage within a piece is usually there for impact, like a time-lapse or a slow-motion shot. If it's not well balanced with other footage it loses its impact and becomes a little boring. Oh and always only use drone shots that are unique to your winery, this is no place for stock footage!

2. Be wary of too many, smiley, happy camper shots

Many tasting room videos include a lot of clips of happy customers sipping on wine and toasting each other. Most people who are at a lovely winery and drinking wonderful wine like yours are going to be happy people, I guarantee it. Viewers don't need to be told that that's how they are going to feel, so consider keeping it minimal.

3. Think about label placement, but don't let it look too staged

Perfectly aligned straight to front wine labels is how we all place our wine bottles in real life right? Yes, your product is the hero of the piece and must be treated as such, but a little creative placement can go a long way for creating a natural feel in the shot.

4. Less is More

Attention spans these days aren't great.... So opt for shorter-form videos and if you still have more of your story to tell, create a series of content to build the message to your audience. And get creative! What short stories could you tell about your business that would surprise your audience?

5. Speak to your audience like friends

We share our favourite things with our friends because we really like them right? Speaking to your audience as though they’re a big group of your mates is the best way to connect and build a true relationship with them. Remind yourself not what you are taking from them (ahem, which is money) but what are you sharing with them: ………………….?

6. Lighten up

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but a lot of people take wine a bit seriously.... Don't be afraid to have fun with your content. A key part of video-centric marketing is getting people to see you for who you are. We don't need to be shy about letting our personalities shine through, let our story be told.


There are so many ways you can incorporate video into the marketing strategy for your brand and you don’t have to start with a big budget! A great way to get started is by creating your own 15-second videos and test them out to see which videos get the most attention. Just make sure your content stays on brand and remember to make it appropriate for your target consumer!

Get in touch if you would like to talk through some ideas!

(OR check out our wine+beer page, or our foodies page for more examples of our work).

Cheers! Erin

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