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Celebrating NZ Music!

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

So its NZ Music Month yet again and here at The Film Crew, we're celebrating! We have a long history with NZ Music and NZ Music Month, our founder Joe started his career making Music Videos and has been involved in the NZ Music industry for almost 20 years!

We decided that it would be fun to have a look back at some of the music videos we have made over the years!

Sofa Music.

Last year was the first year of Sofa Music Wanaka, we made this little video below to celebrate NZ Music and the Wanaka Community. This year we have been at it again and will be releasing the next version later this month!

Now to get into the Music videos themselves...

Masta - Tha Movement

Starting off with our latest offering! This film project was a collab between us and our great mates at Mischief Media in AKL. We have worked on a stack of music videos with Tuki Laumea (Mischief Media) over the years, mostly music produced by the amazing Matthew Faiumu AKA Anonymouz.

This clip features a stack of OG NZ/Samoan Hip-hop artists and was epic fun to shoot.


We can't mention The Film Crew music videos without talking about Devilskin. We have produced 2 full videos for them and worked camera on a 3rd and they are some of the most viewed videos we have ever done with a combined viewership of over 1.3 million!

We have known the legends from Devilskin for a very long time, (since before Devilskin was Devilskin!) and it has been awesome seeing their hard work and talent pay off as well as a pleasure to be able to supply visuals to their music.

Remember a Night Not a Minute

Back in 2015 we shot a music video for a collab between DB Breweries and APO Remix the Orchestra. To this date, it is still some of the work we are most proud of. Its a 'One Shot' video meaning the entire video start to finish was a single take with no editing. Not an easy task especially when you have 5 main artists and 20 odd backing actors involved!

Sinate - Premonition of the Wicked

Jumping right back to 2012 when we were first founded and the first well-known to get a music video from us!

Sinate's Premonition of the Wicked was a full guerrilla shoot, we set up in an old war monument on a hillside in the north shore of Auckland and began filming, no permits... and no holds barred! We had a big generator powering the gear and they played through the track at full noise over and over and over until we had enough footage.

We finished filming just moments before the officials arrived and moved us along!

South Auckland HipHop.

We have worked on a stack of videos for the South Auckland Hip-hop scene and in some way they are all linked. They have all been tracks produced by Matthew Faiumu, they have all been directed by Tuki Laumea and they have all been filmed by our Founder Joe Murdie.

The first hip-hop video we did was Ermehn - Livin in the hood and it is by far the most gangster track of the lot. Shot around Otara over 2 days with a mixture of Short focus, Fast action and Slow motion.

After Livin in the Hood we joined forces again to speak out about injustice and worked on the video 'An Artistic Response to the Teina Pora Case'

Since the video was released so has been Teina! not saying that the 2 are related but it is awesome to have been able to help spread the word.

Following on from this we went in a very different direction with 'Soul Food Sunday' by Laybaq. This was a fun shoot and the catering was impressive!

So there you have it, a bit of an overview of the history of The Film Crew and NZ Music. Get in touch if you have a music video project itching to come to screen!


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