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The Film Crew takes on New York City!

Updated: Apr 1, 2020


Feb was a hectic month for The Film Crew team! We started off with an awesome wedding at Rippon in Wanaka on the 3rd then jumped on a plane the next day and took off to New York, New York! to spend the month working on a project with the crew from What’s Cooking (check out ).

We checked into our Brooklyn loft and got to work the next day, travelling all over the city filming clips about people, food and the #bigapple.

Shot outside of Nathan’s Famous in Coney Island by Kel Lindsay – The oldest Hotdog place in NYC

The project was awesome, basically, What’s Cooking are producing another cookbook called What’s Cooking NYC, for the book they are interviewing 80+ quintessential New Yorkers about their ‘food memory’. The Film Crew were there to document a heap of it in a few ways, some short social media videos about the people. Spotlights on some of the places we visit and some behind the stuff as well as a pilot for the new on-demand series!

Manhattan Bridge from Dumbo

We have met some amazing people on this trip and i still have 9 clips to edit and release but here are some of my highlights so far!

Ari Shaffir. Ari is a comedian / actor well known for a few things including his time on Comedy Central. We caught up with him just before one of his late-night shows at Comedy Cellar and learnt about his 3 top places in NYC for a slice of Pizza… Well from what he could remember anyway…

One of the coolest areas in Brooklyn is an area right by the Manhattan bridge called Dumbo, We headed there and met a guy called David Lawrence. David is a boxing trainer and poet but he’s been a lot of other things in his life too. He used to work on wall street until he went to prison for tax evasion… he had a rap album released and created ‘White Collar Boxing’ a businessman’s boxing comp. He has a stack of poetry books out and a memoir called ‘The King of White Collar Boxing’ he’s got plenty of stories to tell but here's what he told us about food.

Famous Fat Dave. He made sure to let us know that's he is only ever Famous Fat Dave or just Dave, because there is a Rapper called Fat Dave that would stab him and there is a comedian called Famous Dave that would sue him. He also told us 5 top food spots in NYC, one in each borough. Check out for more details about his awesome food tours.

MR T aka Tyrone Wilson! This has got to be my favourite clip I've made from the trip so far; yes, ah-hum. Tyrone walks central park every day with his gaming headset on talking on the phone and walking dogs.

The last one I want to talk about is Tony Kaye. For those that don’t know Tony Kaye, he is a film director (hence us being very excited to meet him).

He is well known for directing American History X… but he also tried to have his name removed from that film because he didn’t like the final edit the studio forced upon him. He spent 100k USD trying to have the director's name changed to Humpy Dumpty…. needless to say, he’s a very interesting character.

Aside from his films he also directed a HUGE amount of top music videos including videos for Roger Waters, Soul Asylum, Johnny Cash and more.

We met him by chance… while shooting still photography at a cafe the team overheard Tony talking about planning a bank robbery! so naturally they thought; this person needs to be in the book! Turns out it was Tony Kaye.

He’s also a musician and artist and we caught up with him at a gallery of his work in Manhattan, here's how that went!

NYC is a crazy place, its all go all the time, its not somewhere we’d want to live… but its an amazing place to visit and shoot.


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